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Attracting & Retaining Talent

We are committed to attracting and investing in people of a high calibre who live the values of our business. We provide a range of benefits to help ensure our employees have the opportunity to achieve their best, progress their careers and enjoy their work.
The following benefits are key to attracting and retaining the right people to work with us:


Key employee remuneration principles applied in GPT include:

  • transparency;
  • fairness and market competitiveness;
  • encouragement of superior performance by aligning employee rewards with the interests of all stakeholders;
  • remuneration that attracts, motivates, retains and rewards talented and skilled directors, executives and employees; and
  • employee rewards that align conduct and performance with the core values and culture of GPT.

In addition to a competitive base salary, we provide eligible employees that have the most ability to meaningfully influence the financial performance of the Group with opportunities to receive short-term incentives based on calendar year performance. Long term incentives are also offered to senior executives that have the most ability to influence the strategic direction and overall performance of the organization. Both types of incentive schemes are designed to align employee and security holder experience and reward.

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Performance Management

At GPT, our performance management system is designed to achieve the following objectives:

  • facilitate transparent, open discussion and agreement between employees and managers on what is expected of employees in their role;
  • provide a basis to encourage, motivate, recognise and reward superior performance;
  • align job performance with GPT Group strategy and values; and
  • collectively, drive the overall performance of the business and execution of strategy.

The Performance Agreement is the vehicle GPT utilizes record and measure an employee’s performance with every eligible permanent employee required to have one in place. Our Performance Agreements summarise the financial and non-financial key performance indicators (KPI’s) that apply to an individual’s role during the calendar year.  At GPT, we believe that Performance Agreement process is important for three key reasons:

      1.  To provide clarity to individuals regarding their responsibilities;
      2. To align individual efforts with GPT strategy and values to drive overall business performance; and
      3. To generate Performance Ratings which contribute to decisions regarding remuneration review, Short Term Incentive Compensation (STIC) and other talent management outcomes

In 2014, 100% of eligible employees received a formal performance appraisal and review during the reporting period. Non-eligible employees were those that commenced employment with GPT within four months of the end of the year or were employed on a fixed term or external contractor basis.

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Development Planning

GPT’s Development Planning Process is designed to facilitate our employees' learning, growth and career progression. We are committed to the ongoing development of our people and to that end, having a Development Plan in place is a mandatory requirement and is linked to the Performance Agreement process. For more information see Learning & Development.

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Salary Packaging

At GPT, we seek to provide flexibility and freedom of choice to employees  where possible in terms of the delivery of their Total Package Value (TPV). GPT partners with SmartSalary to ensure that all employees can access an extensive range of tax effective salary sacrificable options. Items that can be packaged include:

  • Airline lounge memberships
  • iPads
  • Briefcases, PDAs and calculators
  • Car parking
  • Computer software
  • Home office items
  • Laptops
  • Mobile phones
  • Novated car leases
  • Superannuation

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Staff Discounts

GPT has partnered with many market-leading providers to offer its employees and their families discounts across a vast range of products and services in the following categories:

  • Entertainment
  • Health and lifestyle (gym memberships, corporate health plan)
  • Household (utilities)
  • Shopping (fashion, technology)
  • Travel (insurance, hotels, flights)
  • Vehicles

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Reward & Recogniton

GPT Values

GPT Values is our recognition program.  The aim of GPT values is to recognise, celebrate and thank, those people in our business who role model our values in what they do (their performance) and how they do it (their behaviour).  GPT Value awards are presented on a quarterly and annual basis, with recipients receiving gift cards.

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Service Awards

To recognise the valuable contribution that long-standing employees make to our business, our employees are rewarded for reaching service milestones of 5, 10, 15, 20 and 25 years. GPT Service Awards are presented at quarterly ceremonies, with recipients receiving gift cards or travel awards.

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Education Assistance

GPT is committed to providing our employees with opportunities to learn and develop to progress their careers. Our Education Assistance Program has been designed to support formal qualifications relevant to an employee’s career path, through the provision of financial and other support to eligible employees who engage in approved external studies relevant to their career with the Group. For more information see Learning & Development.

In addition to helping our employees with funding for tuition fees and books, GPT provides up to five days of study leave each year which can be taken for study, assignment work or attendance at exams. Our employees may also choose to apply for a career break (or sabbatical) for more intensive study or to achieve other personal goals, accompanied by a guarantee of employment at the end.

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Employee Insurances

Members of the GPT Group Superannuation Plan are entitled to receive both life and total permanent disability (TPD) insurance paid for by GPT.

Members of the GPT Superannuation Plan are entitled to receive discounted salary continuance insurance (SCI) as a benefit funded from their superannuation accounts.

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Social Committee

GPT’s social committee organises events for our employees and their families including family days, sporting activities and social events.

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Work/Life Balance

GPT recognises the significant competing demands that are placed on employees outside of work, and has developed initiatives towards supporting effective work/life balance. Such initiatives include the ability to purchase an additional two weeks of annual leave per year (if eligible).

For further information on a range of GPT’s work/life balance initiatives, refer to GPT’s Health and Wellbeing Initiatives. In this section you will find information about GPT’s Parental Leave entitlements and return to work rates following parental leave.

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Employee Assistance Program

There are times when we all face challenges which can affect our health, wellbeing and work. We are committed to providing our employees with a supportive environment for all aspects of their health and wellbeing - that's why we offer a free, confidential counselling service in times of need, for our employees and their immediate families.

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