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Learning & Development

At GPT we are committed to supporting the career development of our employees through continuous learning. Our Learning and Development platform provides opportunities for GPT’s employees to develop new skills and experiences, assisting them to achieve their career goals.

Through our partnerships with leading universities and learning organisations, our employees have access to a range of on the job and action learning, classroom and online based training and education programs designed to meet technical, professional and leadership development needs.


In 2015, we are committed to continuously redeveloping and deploying a learning and development framework that engenders the high performance of our employees and managers.

We will achieve our goal by ensuring that our learning framework is:

  • aligned with the Group's strategy of equipping employees for high performance;
  • accessible to all employees across the Group by leveraging the technology;
  • integrated with people management systems and processes;
  • visible internally and externally to build a stronger brand;
  • measured in how we utilise budget, track attendance, feedback metrics; and
  • customer-focused in the way we operate and deliver learning activities.


The Learning and Development platform at GPT offers our employees a range of training and development options designed to enhance their capabilities, including:

  • Classroom and action learning programs which comprises of a suite of workshops that covers a range of technical, professional and leadership capabilities. They are customised for GPT to meet a variety of learning requirements.  All programs are delivered by our partner organisations that are recognised industry leaders and have a strong working knowledge of GPT's business and culture. Training partners in 2014 included Macquarie University, Property Council of Australia, Phuel, School of Life, Maura Fay and TP3
  • Lunch & Learn sessions available for all staff to gain knowledge and insight from internal as well as external speakers.
  • Intensive talent development programs offered to our high potential and high performing employees. These programs are typically 6-12 months in length and comprise a variety of developmental experiences. 
  • On-the-job learning and support from mentors and subject matter experts across the business.
  • Coaching from external coaching professionals
  • Elearning GPT supports all types of learning styles and has an online learning portal for compliance related training and a large range of modules to suit all professional development needs.

 The learning programs and activities are discussed in more detail below.

Executive and Management Development

GPT continues to invest in our senior leaders by inviting them to attend management related programs.  In the past GPT has supported senior leaders in attending the Advanced Management Program (Harvard Business School), Investment Management Workshop (CFA and Harvard Business School), Leading for Strategic Success (Mt Eliza) and the Senior Executive Forum (AIM Western Australia).

Talent Development

GPT has a Talent Development platform which focusses on the development, engagement and retention of our key talent identified through our annual review process. GPT partners with Macquarie Graduate School of Management to deliver Accelerate, an intensive capability development program designed to fast-track the growth of our high-potential talent across the group. Participants are exposed to the latest thinking in leadership from across the world, develop strong networks with leaders across the organisation, and gain valuable business skills through experiential learning.  The program aims to support participants in developing courage, strength and vision, as well as the leadership skills and behavior to succeed in a complex and dynamic business environment.

GPT’s Elevate program seeks to engage our employees in a developmental journey that builds their capability across a diverse range of core business skills including personal brand, innovation, presentation and influencing skills, and networking across the business. Participants practically apply their learning to their roles and continue their learning through guidance and support from our senior leaders.

People Manager Program

Leading GPT is a people manager development program aimed at building our people manager’s capabilities and confidence, while also offering targeted support to managers over the course of the year in line with P&P activities (performance reviews, development planning, remuneration reviews).  The program includes a 1.5 day intensive workshop targeting new GPT people managers and those that may have expressed interest in developing their current skills. This workshop will focus on: your management style, development & coaching, providing feedback, having difficult conversations and engagement & motivation. There are also short standalone sessions covering practical skills such as interviewing skills, time management & delegation as well as insightful and interesting topics based on current global trends in people management

Individual Development and Support

The Development Planning Program at GPT is designed to facilitate learning, growth and career progression for our employees. All permanent GPT employees are required to have a formulated and actioned Development Plan, which is supported by managers and the L&D team.

GPT’s core development programs provide employees with access to training on a range of professional and technical skills that are identified as common needs across the business. Not only does this provide GPT with cost savings via procuring selected providers, but it also ensures that employees are receiving consistent, high quality training in each area. Examples of programs held in 2014 include Corporate Storytelling, Effective Conversations, Presentation & Media skills, Active Listening skills and Applied Finance workshop.

To support individual development and provided through our Employee Benefits Program, GPT’s Education Assistance Program provides financial and other support to eligible employees who engage in approved external studies relevant to their career with the Group. GPT provides up to five days of study leave each year which can be taken for study, assignment work or attendance at exams. Employees may also choose to apply for a Career Break (or sabbatical) for more intensive study or to achieve other personal goals, accompanied by a guarantee of employment upon completion.


As we work in an innovative work environment, the demands on our staff to get up to speed on the technologies we adopt can be great.  To provide a smooth transition to any current or future technologies, a variety of blended learning solutions are provided to our people to ensure they have the required skills and abilities in their day to day work.  Technology training is provided on an ongoing basis and designed to suit the needs of the current projects in the business.

Effectiveness Metrics

To ensure a strong return on investment, all programs are delivered in a manner to maximise the learning outcomes for our employees. GPT’s programs are carefully evaluated via feedback forms and pre- and post-evaluations. All programs that receive lower than a 90% satisfaction rating are reviewed for improvement.

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