The GPT Foundation


Supporting youth at Risk to create thriving communities for a better future.

Established in late 2017, the GPT Foundation coordinates GPT’s corporate level community engagement activities supporting our seven chosen community partners. This includes skilled and grass roots staff volunteering, the provision of other support using the many resources available to GPT, and GPT’s work place giving program, Give for Change.

The Foundation aims to create the most value we can for the community by providing exciting and different ways for our employees to get involved and contribute.

The GPT Foundation is governed by an employee committee who facilitate the making of long-term commitments and lead decisions to deliver community value, which are aligned to GPT’s vision and purpose.

Guiding principles

The GPT Foundation has four principles that provide a clear and consistent framework for deciding what activities and partnerships the Foundation will support:

  1. Long-term impact: We support initiatives where our involvement enhances the capabilities of our partners and generates long term change, that will continue to have an impact beyond the period of our involvement.

  2. Credible: Our partners must have credibility and demonstrated support both from their peers and the communities that they operate in.

  3. Community value through employee involvement: We favour supporting initiatives that impact the communities we operate in and where our employees can be involved. We can have a greater impact where we can leverage our broader skills and resources (e.g. outside of just funding).

  4. Early intervention: We favour initiatives that focus on early intervention.

Community partners

GPT’s seven community partners all do vital work to address youth at risk issues across the areas of child wellbeing, mental health and homelessness.


Tier 1 Partners:

 Australia Childhood Foundation    Reach Out

Tier 2 Partners:

Batyr        Mission Australia    Youth of the street   Property Industry FoundationClontarf Foundation


How GPT employees get involved


GPT employees can volunteer with youth-at-risk focused organisations either through GPT’s annual Community Day or nominate to volunteer with other registered charities. All GPT employees have one day of volunteer leave available a year and may apply for up to an extra two days.


GPT has established a workplace giving program, Give for Change. Workplace giving enables GPT employees to regularly contribute a nominated amount of money from pre-tax salary to the community partner. Donations are matched by the GPT Foundation.


GPT employees can access support from the GPT Foundation for fundraising activities.

The Foundation supports GPT employees in personal fundraising activities as well as activities for our seven community partners. It also provides seed funding to GPT teams to host events that support youth at risk initiatives.