Reconciliation Action Plan

The GPT Group acknowledges the Traditional Custodians of the land. We pay our respects to all First Nations Elders, past, present and emerging for they hold the hopes and wisdom for Australia’s First Nations People.

Our commitment to First Nations Australians

As an organisation, GPT is committed to creating positive and sustainable change within First Nation’s communities, our industry and the broader Australian society. For GPT, Reconciliation is about empowering and supporting First Nations People in our communities and building stronger relationship between the wider Australian community and First Nations People.  Embedded within GPT’s organisational culture is our focus on connecting communities over the shared and varied cultures that make up society. We promote diversity and celebrate all cultures, this enables our assets to operate dynamically and in harmony with the rest of the community.

Reconciliation Action Plan

On the 12 October 2015, GPT launched its first Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP). The launch of the inaugural RAP formalised our commitment to Australia’s First Nations People and aligns with Reconciliation Australia’s three areas of focus: relationships, respect and opportunities.

In Febraury 2018, GPT announced the launch of its Stretch Reconciliation Action Plan, which follows on from our inaugural RAP. This RAP confirms GPT’s continued commitment to participating in the reconciliation movement and promoting positive change for Australia’s First Nations peoples.

We are working towards a better future. A future where GPT contributes to positive change, promotes respect, creates opportunities and builds strong relationships with Australia’s First Nations peoples. A future that is shaped by our recognition of the past and driven by our people today.

Our vision for reconciliation is an inclusive Australia.

A copy of our Stretch Reconciliation Action plan can be found here.