We're one of Australia's leading property groups, with assets under management of more than $30 billion across a portfolio of retail, office, logistics and student accommodation assets.

We co-create great workplace experiences that drive positive impact for people, place and planet. Think leading design, unmatched customisation, purpose-driven spaces — all in prime locations. Simplifying the complex, improving real outcomes.
For You
Ready-made Success
Let us do the thinking for you. Our team of workplace designers combine rich customer insight, leading technology and design-thinking to create spaces geared for success. 

GPT Space&Co offers serviced flex spaces from a desk to private offices. For more private independent spaces, discover GPT DesignSuites. Beautiful, fully-fitted and ready to elevate your business.
By You
Customised for Culture
Make it yours. Be it part, whole or multi floor spaces. We work with you to create a bespoke workplace solution that amplifies your brand tailoring the right mix of spaces to bring your team culture to life.

Make a lasting impression with our iconic buildings and distinctive architecture. Responsive to your needs, giving you competitive edge. 
With You
Purpose-driven Places
Partner with us to drive positive impact for people, place and planet. Together, we shape forward-thinking experiences that embrace wellness, community, technology and sustainability.

When creating workplaces of the future, we lead with experience. Partnering with you to understand your people’s needs, shaping our spaces around their journeys and driving positive impact. So you know you’re in the right place.

Tailored solutions for your industry


In architecture, an office space is more than just a place to work—it's a canvas for collaborative design, a hub for client meetings, and the heartbeat of project organisation.  

Our workplaces become the architectural playgrounds where creativity knows no bounds. The workplaces serve as the central heartbeat where project teams unite, coordinating efforts, sharing concepts, and curating a library of reference materials that breathe life into every design endeavour. 


Welcome to a space where your financial operations are not just secure; they're backed by an environment that understands the importance of confidentiality. 

It's the foundation for conducting confidential client meetings, managing financial transactions with the utmost privacy, and meeting rigorous regulatory standards. 


In the realm of public service, our workplaces act as vibrant hubs, bringing together government employees to collaborate, sharing information with the privacy it deserves, and conduct the essential meetings that shape public policies and initiatives.  


Law firms, rely on their office spaces as more than mere settings; they're the very stage where the legal proceedings unfolds.  

In this sanctum of legality, we play a pivotal role in nurturing the traditions of client meetings, confidential discussions, and collaborative efforts among legal professionals.  


In the world of tech, having an office space isn't just about a physical location—it's about sparking innovation, fostering collaboration, and creating a work environment that sets the stage for team success. 

We offer a professional setting for crucial client meetings, impactful demonstrations, and captivating presentations. It's about making a lasting positive impression and showcasing your tech prowess in a space designed for success. 

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