About Us


We shape leading experiences across office, retail and logistics.

We’re one of Australia’s largest property groups, managing more than $30 billion worth of assets across the country.

Our sustainable returns from investments come from focusing on what matters most to customers — a great experience and doing good. Every day, our people are driving positive impact for people, place and planet. They’re inquisitive, pioneering industry firsts and pushing new ideas to deliver exceptional outcomes.

Our Manifesto

We create experiences that drive positive impact for people, place and planet.
Millions of people spend their time with us.
Winning their hearts begins and ends with experiences.
We understand people’s needs and shape our places around their journeys.
We ask and never assume.
We create the firsts that others follow.
We act knowing that a better tomorrow is up to us.

Our Heritage

The General Property Trust was launched as Australia’s first ever property trust when it was listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) in 1971.

The trust was launched and managed by Lendlease who wanted to provide retail investors the opportunity to invest in a portfolio of high quality commercial property assets.

In 2005, a proposal was put to shareholders for the management to be internalised. On approval, this resulted in GPT separating from Lendlease to become the independent company it is known as today.