GPT’s Experience First approach puts the customer experience at the heart of everything we do. 

It means leading with insight – researching our customers and the communities in which we operate to understand their needs – and shifting our focus from the physical asset to the benefit of what happens inside it to deliver real and meaningful impact.

Policy and Approach

GPT's Customer Engagement Policy sets out our commitments and approach to engaging our customers and building strong and mutually beneficial relationships.

Our customers include tenants and occupiers of our buildings as well as shoppers visiting our centres. Our daily engagement with each of these groups is based on the following four key principles:

  1. Listen to our customers so that we can understand and act on their needs
  2. Share our knowledge with our customers so they can benefit from our insights
  3. Inform our customers and provide them with up-to-date information to help them in their business decisions, and
  4. Act on our customer requests and feedback to ensure we provide the best service to meet their needs.

To identify new opportunities to enhance the customer experience offered by our Retail, Office and Logistics assets, we undertake an extensive research program that collects feedback from our customer and community stakeholders.

Our performance and ongoing success depend on the success of our customers, so our annual research program equips GPT with a better understanding of our customers’ needs and how effectively they feel GPT is meeting them.

Performance and targets

We track our performance through customer satisfaction surveys and bespoke AI platforms to help us identify and implement business support and sustainability initiatives to help meet their needs as we strive to provide high quality, sector leading buildings and experiences across each of our portfolios.

GPT uses Net Promoter Score (NPS) surveys and calculations to enable us to understand customer loyalty and experience across the office and retail portfolios. NPS enables us to understand our promoters, passives and detractors and, combined with qualitative information, improve our support of our customers over time. 

For more detail on the latest Net Promoter Scores (NPS) across the business, see our Annual Report. 

Supporting our customers' success

We provide our customers with a range of initiatives designed to provide valuable information, insights and support to help them to be successful.


Based on individual circumstances, we facilitate relationships with external consultants who provide expertise in various aspects of business and provide customised marketing support as part of our retailer engagement strategy. Specific business support programs include:

Critical Retail Barometer

Identifying areas of potential assistance for retailers in financial difficulties, the Critical Retail Barometer draws on the skills and experience of the GPT team and offers suggestions for improving performance. 

Retail Sessions

Designed to provide our retailers with industry trends and market information that can be applied to their business. Guest speakers present topics which cover consumer insights, economic analysis, digital trends and much more.

GPT Connect 

A portal for retail partners to upload marketing collateral, blogs and trading hour information as well as learn more about digital & Marketing opportunities, retail trends, paid media opportunities as well as performance data. 


Our Office customers enjoy the benefit of accessing ‘Our Workplace’ - a convenient digital platform designed to foster connections within building communities through communication, amenities, and services. Additionally, the platform offers valuable customer insights, enabling us to strategically tailor our campaigns and activations to meet their needs. 


Our dynamic and personalised logistics development and asset teams ensure our customers enjoy initiatives designed to support business growth. With our strong pipeline of logistics assets, there is the opportunity for our customers to grow their business with GPT, whether this be expanding into larger warehouses, or increasing coverage into new locations. 

Logistics Networking Events

Designed to foster connection and conversation between occupiers in the warehousing and logistics industry. These events encourage collaboration and knowledge sharing on key industry topics including sustainability, health & wellbeing, as well as sharing data insights.

Healthy Heads in Trucks & Sheds

We partner with the industry's champion for mental health and wellbeing, Healthy Heads in Trucks & Sheds, to provide our customers with the research and tools to create a healthier and thriving workplace for all.

Sustainability support

Our Office portfolio property management team meet with customers to present information on how the building is performing from an energy, greenhouse, water, and waste perspective. The meetings enable discussion and collaboration on improving performance, including tenant actions where necessary.

Newsletters providing information about sustainability information, best practices, and performance are frequently shared to customers.

Minimum standards for customers fit outs are managed through our ‘Fit Out Guides’ and the Ecological Footprint calculator for guidance of retail customers. This calculator assists customers to measure and reduce their impact on the environment by devising fit outs to reduce their eco-footprint. 

GPT’s logistics developments target a minimum 5-Star Green Star standard, incorporating solar array in base builds, grey water harvesting, LED lighting, skylights, recycling, responsible building materials and energy storage strategies. 

Our logistics asset team provide our customers with ongoing information on our sustainability targets and work cohesively with our customers on initiatives designed to support their sustainability targets.