Working at GPT

At GPT we pride ourselves on our focus on our people. We provide modern, flexible work environments which equip our employees for high performance.

We work hard as a unified team, with individuals taking personal accountability for their actions striving to achieve exceptional outcomes. GPT's employees are proud of the role they play in delivering sustainable outcomes for investors, customers, communities and the environment. Our achievement culture and flexible working approach are key reasons why many people have chosen a career with the Group. GPT’s people are well-educated, professionally respected and respectful of each other.

Career Development

At GPT we are committed to supporting the career development of our employees through continuous learning. Our Learning and Development platform provides opportunities for our people to feel challenged and inspired, with new skills development and experiences that support individuals to achieve professional career goals. Through our partnerships with leading universities and learning organisations, employees have access to a range of on-the-job and action learning, classroom and online based training and education programs designed to meet technical, professional and leadership development needs.

Learning & Development Initiatives

We offer our people a range of learning and development options designed to enhance their capabilities and support career progression. Some highlights include:

  • Classroom and Action Learning Programs – Tailored workshops that aim to meet a variety of learning requirements. All programs are delivered by our industry leading partner organisations who have a strong working knowledge of GPT's business and culture.
  • Leading GPT Program – Our people manager development program aimed at building manager capabilities and confidence.
  • Talent Development – Programs and initiatives designed to accelerate the learning for our high potential and high performing employees to succeed in roles requiring next level critical thinking, leadership, confidence and drive to succeed in a complex and dynamic business environment.
  • Executive & Management Development – A wide range of programs selected for individual requirements with globally recognised educational institutions.
  • External Study – Financial and leave support for professional qualifications and post graduate or equivalent university courses.
  • Mentoring and Coaching – Support from mentors and subject matter experts across the business and external to GPT.
  • On-the-job learning opportunities – Acknowledging the shift away from learning being purely classroom based, a number of on-the-job learning opportunities are available to our employees, making skills and capability development part of our daily work and allowing our people to gain critical experiences.

Above all else, our investment in learning is underpinned by our people taking personal accountability for their continued growth and development. Taking initiative is key!

The GPT Development Planning Program is designed to drive this, facilitating ongoing in depth career conversations between employees and managers throughout the year. These conversations ensure that employees are able to map out a career path and gain rich feedback from experienced managers on key strengths and opportunities for capability development. 


Employee Benefits
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In addition to their base salary, we offer eligible employees the opportunity to participate in employee security plans, short-term incentive and/or long-term incentive schemes. 

Flexible working options

GPT is committed to making flexible working a reality for our people, adopting a ‘can do’ approach to trialling flexibility arrangements for any employee, for any reason, for all roles and at any level of the business.

GPT understands that the traditional ‘9am - 5:30pm, 48 weeks a year with four weeks annual leave’ working model may not always meet the needs of our people or our business. In fact, GPT thinks such rigidity may result in missing out on some talented people who can make a big contribution to GPT’s success.

Accordingly, GPT encourages our people to talk to their managers and design their work arrangements in a flexible way which better integrates their work and home lives, and stage of life. GPT believes this approach leads to greater productivity, wellbeing and job satisfaction, while ensuring GPT can attract and retain a diverse, talented workforce now and into the future.

Benefits for parents

To support the needs of working parents, GPT offers a range of benefits to eligible employees including:

  • 16 weeks paid primary carer parental leave
  • Ongoing Superannuation Guarantee (SG) contributions during periods of unpaid parental leave
  • A Childcare allowance for 12 months upon return to work and;
  • Parental leave coaching and a Working Mothers Group to support our people through the transition out of and back into the workforce.
Learning and development

GPT support our people to achieve their career goals through the development of new skills and capabilities. GPT’s Education Assistance Program is designed to support study for formal qualifications relevant to an employee’s career path through the provision of financial and other support. This includes up to five days per year of study leave to attend exams and complete assignments. GPT’s employees may also choose to apply for a career break (or sabbatical) for more intensive study or to achieve other personal goals, accompanied by a guarantee of employment at the end. 

Salary packaging

GPT seeks to provide flexibility and freedom of choice to employees where possible in terms of the delivery of their base package, also known as Total Package Value (TPV). This includes offering an extensive range of tax effective salary sacrifice options allowing employees to package items such as superannuation, additional leave, car parking, novated car leases, computers and tablets, and self-education expenses.

Shopping discounts

GPT partners with market-leading providers to offer our employees and their families discounts across a vast range of products and services, including entertainment, shopping, health and lifestyle, travel, vehicles and household expenses.

Employee assistance program

There are times when we all face challenges which can affect health, wellbeing and work. At GPT we’re committed to providing our employees with a supportive environment for all aspects of their health and wellbeing - that's why we offer a free, confidential counselling service in times of need, for our employees and their immediate families.

Recognition programs

At GPT we value our employees and the contribution they make to the success of our business. We recognise, celebrate and thank long-standing employees who have reached service milestones of 5, 10, 15, 20 and 25 years with us.


Members of the GPT Group Superannuation Plan are entitled to receive both life and total permanent disability (TPD) insurance paid for by GPT. They can also access discounted salary continuance insurance (SCI) as a benefit funded from their superannuation accounts.