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What is the change in the distribution frequency?

GPT will be changing the frequency of its distribution payments, from quarterly to half yearly to take effect from 1 July 2013.The change is being implemented as a result of GPT's ongoing focus on cost optimisation. It is estimated this change will save GPT approximately $1.6 million in finance and administration costs on an annual basis.

From 2014 onwards, the distribution dates each year will be at 30 June (to be paid in September) and 31 December (to be paid in March). The change in distribution frequency will not affect the distribution amount paid to securityholders.

Why have the number of securities I hold gone down?

In 2010, the GPT Group undertook a consolidation of its stapled securities which broadly resulted in every five stapled securities held by a Securityholder being merged (ie consolidated) into one stapled security. The economic interest in the GPT Group held by individual Securityholders should not change but the value of the Group is now split amongst fewer stapled securities.

What are the tax implications of the 2010 Consolidation of Securities?
What is a stapled security?

A stapled security is a security that comprises a unit in a Trust and a share in a Company, linked together so that one cannot be transferred or otherwise dealt without the other. In the case of listed securities, they are jointly quoted on the Australian Stock Exchange ("ASX") as "stapled securities". GPT investors hold one General Property Trust unit and one GPT Management Holdings Limited share, "stapled" together and jointly quoted on the ASX under the code "GPT".

How do I redeem my investment?

GPT is a listed vehicle therefore it is not possible to redeem your securities. To dispose of your investment you need to sell your securities on the ASX via your broker. If you do not already have a broker you can call the ASX Broker Referral Service on 1300 300 279 or go to their website: www.asx.com.au

What is my investment worth?

The value of your investment in GPT can be determined by multiplying the number of securities held by the current security price. The number of securities can be found on your latest Distribution/Dividend Advice or CHESS statement. Security price information is available at Security Prices or www.asx.com.au.

In what form are payments (distributions) from GPT made?

Security holders can elect to:

  • receive a cheque, or
  • have their payment paid directly into their bank, building society or credit union.

If you would like to change your election, please contact the Registry (toll free within Australia) +61 1800 025 095 or login online.

What is the DRP?

DRP stands for Distribution Reinvestment Plan, and allows investors to reinvest their distribution payments for additional securities. 

When is the next distribution payment from GPT?

Please see the Calendar for the next distribution payment date.

When will I receive the Annual Tax Statement?

The GPT Group produces an Annual Tax Statement for all Securityholders who received a payment from GPT during each financial year. Annual Tax Statements are mailed to investors by July of each year. Securityholders can download Annual Tax Statements online by signing in with your SRN/HIN, Surname and Postcode.

Sign in

After you have signed in you will see a menu on the top right hand side of the screen. Click on "Payment History" and then "Tax Statements". 

How do I change my address / bank details?

To do this, you need to send written authorisation to the Registry quoting your Securityholder Reference Number and signing your request. Unfortunately, it is not possible to do this over the internet as your signature is required.

Contact detail:
Link Market Services
Locked Bag A14
680 George Street
Sydney NSW 2000

What are the contact details for the registry?

Link Market Services Limited
Locked Bag A14
Sydney South NSW 1235

Telephone (toll free within Australia): +61 1800 025 095 Fax: +61 2 9287 0303

Email: registrars@linkmarketservices.com.au Website: www.linkmarketservices.com.au

How can I give notification of my Tax File Number (TFN) or Australian Business Number (ABN)?

Advice of TFNs or ABNs can be made over the phone or in writing to the Registry. You may choose not to provide your TFN but if you do not provide your TFN your distribution will be taxed at the highest marginal rate.

Contact the Registry. Telephone (toll free within Australia) +61 1800 025 095 or in writing to:
Link Market Services
Locked Bag A14
680 George Street
Sydney NSW 2000

How can I choose to receive or no longer receive the Annual Report and/or Half Year Report?

This can be requested by contacting the Registry. Telephone (toll free within Australia) +61 1800 025 095 or email registrars@linkmarketservices.com.au

How can I choose to receive GPT communications electronically?

If you have internet access, you can elect to receive your GPT notices of meeting, proxy forms, Annual and Mid Year Reports, and investor newsletters electronically. If you wish to set up this facility, contact the Registry for a form to complete.

Contact the Registry

Telephone (toll free within Australia) +61 1800 025 095 or login online.

What happened to GPT Split Trust?

GPT formerly had an association with GPT Split Trust, which ceased trading on 14 September 2005. Download the GPT Split Trust Information Brochure

How can I find out information about BGP?

On 31 July 2009, GPT announced its exit of the European component of its Joint Venture with Babcock & Brown by way of a dividend in specie of shares in BGP Holdings. The European component represents 80% of the Joint Venture which means the vast majority of the JV will no longer be part of GPT.

All investors who held GPT securities on the Record Date (7.00pm AEST 12 August 2009) received one security in BGP Holdings (the entity effectively holding the European Joint Venture assets) for every GPT security they hold.

Information on BGP Investment can be found on their website: bgp-investment.lu.

For telephone queries, please contact the BGP investor line 1800 115 044.