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Investor Login

The Investor Login enables you to access information, via the Link Market Services website, about your security holding.

Once you have logged in you can also manage information relating to your investment including updating your address, payment instructions, tax details and communication options.

To proceed you will need your Security Reference Number (SRN) or your Holder Investment Number (HIN), and the postcode relating to your holding.

You can also contact Link Market Services on 1800 025 095 (toll free within Australia).

Securityholder Communications
Securityholder Communications

At GPT we are focused on reducing our carbon footprint whilst providing you with timely corporate updates and disclosures. Receiving your GPT Securityholder communications electronically is the most cost effective and efficient way of staying informed, and will assist with our commitment to environmentally sustainable practices. 

This section provides investors with information on how to review or update your current Securityholder communication preference.


GPT makes payments to Securityholders twice a year. GPT's year-end for tax purposes is 31 December, at which time the net income and the tax components of the distribution are determined.

The total annual distribution is advised in the Annual Tax Statement, mailed to investors in July each year. Please refer to the Tax Information page for more information.


The GPT Group produces an Annual Tax Statement for all Securityholders who received a payment from GPT during each financial year. Annual Tax Statements are mailed to investors in March each year.

This section provides investors with additional information on tax related matters for their investment in GPT.

Periodic & Exit Statements

In accordance with the Corporations Act, GPT is required to provide investors with information about their investment, including their holding in GPT, management costs (including fees charged), and return information.

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