Darling Park 1 & 2 and Cockle Bay Wharf

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201 Sussex Street
Sydney NSW 2000

Darling Park 1 & 2 and Cockle Bay Wharf


Darling Park is a landmark commercial and retail complex located in Sydney’s popular Darling Harbour precinct. The asset comprises two Premium Grade office buildings and a retail and entertainment complex, known as Cockle Bay Wharf.

The towers and Cockle Bay Wharf are connected by plazas, galleries and business lounges. Darling Park provides its tenants with a complete environment, including the crescent gardens, waterfront restaurants and cafes. Office floor plates are large and efficient, with expansive water views.

Darling Park 1 & 2 and Cockle Bay Wharf are certified carbon neutral using the NABERS verification pathway of Climate Active for Buildings, in alignment with the international Greenhouse Gas Protocol. In 2021, investment in both carbon offsets and carbon removal projects delivered a net positive impact on the environment, removing an additional 16 kilograms of CO2-e per square metre (Scope 1 & 2) beyond those required for carbon neutral certification.

Darling Park Tower 1 has achieved a 6.0 star NABERS Energy rating (including GreenPower) a 4.5 star NABERS Water rating, and a 2.5 star NABERS Waste rating. Darling Park Tower 2 has achieved a 6.0 star NABERS Energy rating (including GreenPower), a 4.5 star NABERS Water rating and a 3.5 star NABERS Waste rating. The Towers have also been awarded 6 Star Green Star – Performance Ratings.

Note: Comprehensive sustainability data, including asset-level reporting, is available at gpt.com.au/sustainability. Data is current to 31 December 2021 assured according to Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Sustainability Reporting Standards and the Greenhouse Gas Protocol. Ratings are as at 31 December 2021.

25% (GPT), 50% (GWOF)
101,800 sqm
Fair Value
$575.8 million
DP1: 100.0%, DP2: 96.4%
Weighted Average Lease Expiry
DP1: 2.8 years, DP2: 6.9 years
As At