GPT Announces New Parental Support Policy And Enhanced Carers Leave Policy

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The GPT Group (‘GPT’) today announced a refreshed Parental Support Policy providing more robust support for employees when they are starting or growing their family. GPT appreciates the journey to parenthood can be different for everyone, and as a family friendly workplace, is aiming to support employees wanting to start or expand their families. 

Key elements of the new Parental Support Policy include:

  • 22 weeks paid leave for all new parents, including those adopting or becoming a parent through surrogacy. Parents who experience pregnancy loss post 20 weeks gestation are eligible for the full 22 weeks paid parental leave.  
  • Removing language around ‘primary’ and ‘secondary’ carer roles and introducing a ‘carer neutral’ approach, meaning both parents have access to the full paid leave entitlement and can take this leave concurrently with their partner should they wish. Most importantly, this provides the ability for both parents to be active in raising their family and maintaining a career.
  • Significant flexibility in how and when parental leave is taken and paid within 24 months of the birth or arrival of the child.
  • A Childcare Allowance of up to $10,000 for all parents on return to work to assist with the cost of childcare.
  • Superannuation paid for 12 months (including on unpaid leave).
  • Coaching for new parents before they commence parental leave and during their return, to support their transition as a working parent.
  • Support and paid leave available for a range of other circumstances including fertility treatment, fostering or kinship care arrangements and pregnancy loss.

GPT also recognises that caring is not limited to looking after children. The Group acknowledges and sees to support the many employees who will become carers for a loved one who requires extra support due to chronic illness, injury, disability or age. GPT employees are eligible to receive childcare subsidies up to $10,000 per year, and 10 days Sick and Carers Leave, recognising caring in a broader sense includes for those with disability, injury or elderly care responsibilities. 

Chief People Officer at GPT, Jill Rezsdovics, says providing policies to support all employees with their parenting and caring responsibilities can only help to tackle gender inequity in the workplace and break down the traditional norms for carers.

Ms Rezsdovics said:  “We are proud to introduce policies and practices that can flex to suit the diverse needs of our people, and contribute to everyone being able to play an active role in their home life responsibilities. We truly care for our people and believe we have a responsibility to support our teams during work hours, but also throughout the milestones and inevitable challenges that come with life outside of work.”

Ms Rezsdovics continued: “This includes supporting parenthood and caring in all its forms, which is why we have extended our offering to include leave for fertility, fostering, pregnancy loss and caring for loved ones which may manifest in many different forms. We are proud our people will feel secure knowing that there are robust policies in place to ensure they are supported through parenthood and any hardships they may face.” 

It is estimated that 1 in 9 (2.65 million)1 Australians are carers. Carers can be any age, and the need for a carer often arises from something that occurs abruptly (as the result of an accident or illness), or builds gradually in terms of the support someone needs (e.g. in the case of elder care). People will often move in and out of being carers during their lifetime. Currently 7 in 10 primary carers are female which is having a negative impact on gender equality in the workplace, and most working carers fall in the 45-64 age bracket. 

The refreshed GPT Parental Support Policy joins a number of other leave policies in place including Compassionate Leave, First Nations Leave, Cultural Leave, Emergency Leave, Community Service Leave, Study Leave, Domestic and Family Violence Leave, Mental Health Days and Gender Affirmation Leave. 

1Carer Wellbeing Survey 2023, Australian Government Department of Social Services



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